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Highly Capable Program

Cheney Public Schools Highly Capable Program

Program Description
The Cheney highly capable program is a full inclusion model at the elementary level.  This means students are serviced in their regular classrooms.  A specialist acts as a consultant to the classroom teacher and aids in meeting the needs of identified learners.  For each identified student, a student learning plan (SLP) is developed at the beginning of each school year and is revisited during each conference.  The purpose of the SLP is to ensure identified children receive the services necessary to facilitate academic growth.  At the middle and high school level, students are served through a variety of advanced course offerings.  A highly capable facilitator at each school reviews services provided to students annually to ensure students are participating in courses that challenge them academically.

 In addition, enrichment opportunities are also made available through the schools.  Contact your child's school for more information about enrichment offerings.

Referral of Students for the Highly Capable Program

Teachers, students, parents, and community members can refer students for the highly capable program. Those interested in referring a student for the highly capable program will complete a nomination form, and the student will be assessed during the next identification period.  Identification periods take place each year in the fall (November) and spring (April).  The identification process uses a multiple criteria approach to help teachers, counselors, principals, and parents make appropriate decisions about learning needs of highly capable learners.  

Currently all grade 2 and grade 6 students across the district are screened for potential consideration. If you would like to refer a student from a different grade, please download and complete the referral form below. The referral window is currently closed for the 2023-2024 school year, and it will reopen next fall for the 2024-2025 school year. If you have questions, please reach out to Ann Ottmar below.

Highly Capable Program School Building Contact
Ann Ottmar
Highly Capable Coordinator
Academic Intervention Specialist